Hello World! Welcome to Glossy Up!

Hello World! Welcome to Glossy Up!

Posted by Glossy Up CBO (Chief Beauty Officer) on 17th Aug 2020

Hi lovelies!


Welcome to the Glossy Up Website and our very first blog post. We cannot thank you enough for the support we have received so far and we thought it was time we give you a little more insight into our world.

As a typical start-up story of this very strange year goes…. It all started on one afternoon during the Covid-19 Lockdown. Stuck at home, overwhelmed with juggling kids and work, I was desperate for some personal time out.

I haven't dyed my hair for weeks, hell I did not even remember the last I washed my hair. I just wanted to feel like myself again and, at that moment, suddenly recalled about a girlfriend raving about Nail Wraps and how pretty they were and how quick and convenient it was to use them.

I went online, googled and bought some for myself and my little one, too. It arrived a few days later and that hour I spent with my soon to be 4 year old was just magical. For the first time in her life, she was not fidgeting and rushing on to the next new thing. When she saw the promise of how I was about to transform her finger nails, she sat there like a little angel and patiently waited for me to be done with her nails.

She was transfixed and so was I. I was bracing myself to be disappointed but to my delight, it was as easy to use as promised and pretty awesome for the fraction of the price of a Manicure. And my daughter? She was just overjoyed. I only wish I had captured the wild happiness of her face when she received her first “manicure”.

At the moment in time, I felt that I was onto something. If something so simple can bring us so much joy in that moment, then I needed to share this with more women. There are so many women we know who should have little pockets of me-time, and this is an easy, affordable way for them to indulge in Self-Care.

I do not know the exact moment I knew I wanted to dive into this but, before I knew, I found myself hunting down factories, creating a mood board, designing a logo and pestering my Partner in Crime to help out on the technological side of things.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and we thank you for being with us right from the start. Our goal is to banish bad nail days and to bring little pockets of joy and happiness into the lives of more women. We are here to advocate the importance of Self-Care and hope to build a community of like-minded women. So please follow us on Instagram @glossy.up or on Facebook @Glossyup.com.

If you haven’t tried Glossy Up Nail Wraps, do remember to make use of our Promo Code: NEWBIE to receive 20% off your first purchase.